Project Tanehope – Phase 1 is Complete!

Dr. Daniel Laiser–former exchange student at Mount Vernon High School  and now M.D. in his homeland, Tanzania–recently shared an update about the medical dispensary he started  with our financial support:

Hope Medics is now self-sustaining!

Hope Medics opened in September in the Manyara-Arusha region, an underserved area in northeastern Tanzania. In December, they helped around 40-50 people each week, providing medicines locally that would have otherwise required a daylong trip to the nearest hospital. They are able to charge a nominal fee for the medicines in order to purchase more and keep the services going without interruption.

Some of the most commonly treated illnesses include malaria, pneumonia and other respiratory tract infections, diarrhea, dysentery, and parasites. Hope Medics dispenses antimalarials, antibiotics, eye and ear drops, skin medications, and multivitamins for children and pregnant women (i.e. folic acid).

Hope Medics is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 8pm and Sundays 4pm to 9pm. It is staffed by four people, three volunteers (including Danny and two nurses, Noah and Damiano) and Jesca, who works full time as the dispensing officer.


Just a reminder about Project Tanehope:

Back in July 2018, the Session sent $2000 to support Danny Laiser and his dream of starting a medical dispensary in his underserved hometown community of Manyara-Arusha, Tanzania. Danny and trusted colleagues rented a space, renovated it, put in some basic shelving and purchased the first round of medications, then promptly ran out because the demand was so great! In November, we sent an additional $1000 which was used to purchase another shelf and more medicine.

Phase 2 of  Project Tanehope is to rent additional space and purchase equipment in order to have a medical laboratory that can provide basic testing services. The projected cost is $5000.

We are so grateful to be able to partner with Danny and make his dream of helping others a reality! Thanks be to God for Danny’s vision and our ability to be generous!

If YOU would like to join us in supporting Project Tanehope and making a real difference for our neighbors in Tanzania, click here. Choose “Mission Support” and write “Project Tanehope” in the note area. Thank you!