This is the fifth year our congregation has handed out a word printed on a star the Sunday closest to January 6th (Epiphany). The idea of these “Star Words” is that it is a Gift to us from God, something we receive without judgment, and then reflect on in the coming year. We trust that—somehow—God can use this particular word (regardless of whether we like it or would have chosen it for ourselves) to bless us.

Your Star Word could be…

…Something you need more (or less!) of in your life
…A spiritual practice to focus your energies on
…A quality within you or in a relationship with someone else, or an attribute of God that could use your attention or consideration
…Something that will bring you closer to God and bless you and those around you
…Something you need to wrestle with in the coming year to gain understanding and insight

Some ideas of how to get started with your Star Word:

  • Pray! Ask God to show you how in the world this word speaks to your life right now. And if you think you already know, ask God to take you deeper in your understanding.
  • Look the word up in the dictionary, in the bible, on Google.
  • Share your word with others and see what insights they have to offer.
  • Post it on your mirror, the refrigerator, on the computer, wherever you can see it and keep the word in mind.
  • Keep a running list of reflections on the word in a journal.

Most importantly, entrust yourself—and the word—to God!  And see where it might take you…