Adult Forum: What Does “Transgender” Mean?

Transgendered persons attempt suicide at ten times the national average and violence against transgendered persons occurs at much higher rates. Boys who want to wear dresses and girls who want to dress like boys experience teasing and bullying. This is an injustice. Let’s counter it with love and compassion, which can only come by educating ourselves and seeking to understand.

To that end, we welcome the following speakers to our Adult Forum (Sunday mornings from 11:00 am to noon):

January 17 – Christopher Okiishi, MD Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, will talk about gender and sexual identity and development in children.

January 24 – Howard Ruppel, Ph.D., American Board of Sexology Certified Sex Educator and Therapist, will talk about what transgender means as it relates to children.

Both speakers will address these FAQ: What is the difference between sex and gender? Between being transgender and being gay? Between cross-dressing and being transgender? Is being transgender a mental illness? What do we do about restrooms and locker rooms for children and youth who identify as transgender?

All are welcome to join us!

Adult Forum takes place in the Community Room, on the second floor of the education building (309 First Street West, Mount Vernon).

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Photo by SweetOnVeg