Choir  Notes

ALL are Welcome!

In Italian, the word “tutti” means “all” or “everyone.” As a notation in a piece of music, tutti indicates that it is time for ALL voices or instruments to play together, especially after a solo section. So, as silly as it sounds, you can write tutti on your calendar for next week, because it is time for the choir to sing together again!

Here is the plan:
Wednesday, Sept. 6: 6:30-8:pm—A special evening rehearsal
(This should be a fun, informal rehearsal, in the sanctuary, where we welcome newcomers, and try get a jumpstart on a number of pieces we will sing this Fall, including some new anthems, and some old favorites.)

Sunday, Sept. 10: 8:15am warmup and rehearsal
(This will be our first Sunday of the Fall to sing at 9:30 Worship.)

If you have never been in the choir before and are thinking about giving it a try, please know that ALL are welcome—there are no auditions, and we would love to have some new voices join us! Feel free to just show up on Sept. 6—you don’t have to notify anyone ahead of time. And if you are concerned about committing yourself when you know you can’t attend every single Sunday, don’t sweat it—it’s easy and OK to take a Sunday off from choir and catch up again the next week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing ALL of you!

Karen Keele Kober
Director of Music