Heading into a new year always makes me think of these verses from Isaiah 43:18-19:

Do not remember the former things, or consider the things of old.
I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

As we begin 2015, I have no doubt that it will be a year of doing things in new and different ways as a congregation. Here’s just one example:

Back in November, around 25 people were enjoying a Night Before Church Dinner on a Saturday night. There was great food and conversation, the kind of table fellowship that is at the heart of Christian community. But while the group was having a wonderful time they realized that families with children were missing. So they came up with an idea of how our church might change the way we do things in order to make it easier for those families.

(WOW, do I love this willingness to try something new for the sake of others! I wasn’t there so I can’t take any credit. I can only express my appreciation for such flexibility and creativity. It is a characteristic that will serve our congregation very well as we head into a future in which the way the church has done things will most likely no longer serve us well.)

The idea was shared with Session, and Session enthusiastically decided to give it a go.
So here is our great experiment:

An “Eat In, Sleep In Weekend”
Saturday, January 31 – Sunday, February 1

1:00 pm RECREATION – Games of all kinds for all ages begin.
5:00 pm SHARING A MEAL – Bring a dish to share for a potluck.
5:30ish pm WORSHIP – Interactive, intergenerational at our tables.

No Sunday Activities

Mark your calendars! You can find more details on this event on page 4 of this newsletter. (This is a wonderful opportunity to invite a friend, by the way.)

I hope you will join us we try this “new thing” January 31, trusting in the Spirit’s leading!

PS – If you have a “crazy” idea of something you would like to try, talk with any member of Session.

– Pastor Lori