Christian Education for Children and Youth – 2015 – April

Recognizing that weekends and Sundays are often busy for families, we have shifted our Christian Education model to a combination of Sunday mornings (11:00am-Noon) and Wednesday evenings (6:30pm-7:30pm).

All children (PreK-Grade 6) are welcome to participate! Amy Weber is always looking for parents and other adults to help out. This is what the remainder of the spring schedule looks like.

Here’s our schedule for April:

Going forward I will be needing help with teachers for Sunday school as my schedule gets very hectic. I have listed below the dates that I am gone and will need someone to cover the class. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are willing to lead the lessons. I have the lesson and craft projects ready to go!

April 5 – Easter Sunday: After the children’s service I would like any students in grades 4 – 7 to join me in the basement. Weather permitting we will head to Memorial Park to hide the Easter eggs. After the service (around 10:45) we will all head to the park for kiddos up to 3rd grade to hunt for eggs.

April 8: Wacky Wednesday Worship @ 6:30 pm – We will work on serving the church by doing “spring cleaning” around the grounds.

Sunday, April 12: AMY GONE – The Great Commission lesson

Sunday, April 19: AMY GONE – Saul to Paul lesson

Sunday, April 26: AMY GONE – Many Members, One Body lesson

May 6: Wacky Wednesday Worship @ 6:30 pm – Love in Action wrap up

Sunday, May 17:  End of the year party – I will try and set up bowling at Don Mar on this day. I will let you know a time as we get closer.

Thanks for sharing your kids with me this year and I look forward to finishing strong this spring!

Making a Difference – 2015 – April

blind photo

Photo by DanWagner1

Back in February, after learning the story about Jesus healing the blind man (Mark 8:22-25), the kids decided to take a Noisy Offering collection to raise money to support two organizations that work to correct or prevent blindness around the world. Thanks to an enthusiastic response from all of you, the Noisy Offering on February 15 raised $202.59!

CBM (Christian Blind Mission) is an international Christian development organization working to improve quality of life for persons with disabilities in the world’s poorest countries. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world and for people already on the edge of survival, they are economically devastating. For just $35 and in only 15 minutes, cataract surgery restores a person’s sight and quality of life. Thanks to your gift, three adults will have their lives changed for the better!

Among its many programs, the Carter Center has been working to eliminate river blindness, one of the leading causes of preventable blindness worldwide. Spread by the bites of small black flies, river blindness (onchocerciasis) is a parasitic infection that causes itching, rashes and eye disease. Working with ministries of health in eight developing countries, the Carter Center encourages public education and the regular distribution of the medicine Mectizan®, which kills the parasitic larvae, preventing both infection and transmission. Having eliminated river blindness in Colombia and Ecuador, their sights are now set on Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Ethiopia, Nigeria, the Republic of Sudan and Uganda. Your donation helps make that goal possible!

Small moves like sharing pocket change can make a huge difference for others around the world. What a joy to be part of that!

Read more about these organizations and the work you are helping them do at or

Worship in April, 2015

crocus photo

Photo by Infomastern

With Easter Sunday begins the season of Easter, the Great Fifty Days. From April 16 through May 24 (Pentecost Sunday) we will turn our attention to Acts (The Acts of the Apostles) and Romans (Paul’s letter to the church in Rome).

Acts is written by the same person who wrote Luke’s Gospel. It continues the story of what happens after Jesus ascends into heaven. After receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, they move from being disciples (followers of a certain teacher) to apostles (those who are sent out on a mission).

April 5 – The Empty Tomb
Easter Sunday
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
Matthew 28:1-10 Early in the morning after the Sabbath, the two Marys go to the tomb where their beloved Jesus had been laid. They are met with an earthquake, an angel, an empty tomb, terrified guards, and, after they leave to tell the disciples as they were instructed, they meet Jesus, risen from the dead.

April 12 – The Great Commandment
Second Sunday of the Easter Season
April Birthday Blessing
Matthew 28:16-20 When the remaining disciples gather at the mountain in Galilee where Jesus told them to go, Jesus appears to them and tells them what their task is.

April 19 – God Gives Peter a Vision and an Encounter with a Gentile
Third Sunday of the Easter Season
Acts 10:1-47 (selected verses) While praying, Peter receives a vision in which God declares “clean” things that are unclean (according to Jewish law). He is then directed to a Roman centurion, a Gentile, named Cornelius who together with his household receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

April 26 – Paul Begins His Mission
Fourth Sunday of the Easter Season
Acts 13:1-3, 14:8-18 After Peter’s experience with Cornelius and his household, Paul and Barnabas are sent to proclaim the gospel to the Gentiles. In Lystra, they heal a man crippled since birth.

Save the Rhubarb

Don’t worry, rhubarb isn’t in any danger… except of being baked into dozens of pies and desserts to serve on Friday, July 24th when RAGBRAI passes through Mount Vernon!

When RAGBRAI ws here in 2012, our congregation’s “Got Rhubarb?” theme (including rhubarb brats!) made such an impression we were mentioned by the Des Moined Register.  In fact, when that same reporter was preparing an article about RAGBRAI 2015 pass-through towns, he called our church to learn what is happening around Mount Vernon (and asked if we would have rhubarb everything again!).

With that kind of encouragement, the answer is yes, but we need your help.

  1. Please harvest as much rhubarb as you can (from your own garden, or any friend or neighbor willing to share), chop it up and freeze it.
  2. Mark Thursday, July 23 and/or Friday, July 24th on your calendar to help set up and/or serve.
  3. Watch for details on how you can help bake pies, etc.

This really is a terrific FUNraiser for our congregation.  Many hands don’t only make light work, they make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Thanks for anything you can do for this event!

Healing Touch Circle


Photo by Artotem

Healing Touch is a form of complementary medicine that supports the body’s natural healing processes. Christianity has a long tradition of laying on of hands for healing; similar practices have spanned many other cultures and religions all over the world.

Since December, our church has been hosting a monthly Healing Circle. A group of women and men in the Mount Vernon, Lisbon and surrounding areas trained in Healing Touch or Energy Work gather together to volunteer our time to extend a time of prayer and energy work to our local community.

Healing Touch can be beneficial for illness, chronic pain, depression or simply to receive a “boost.” People wanting to receive a Healing Touch treatment are invited to register for a 30 minute session that involves a laying on of hands and a 15 minute prayer or meditation including an offering of gratitude and petition. This 30 minute energy treatment and 15 minute prayer time takes place in a group setting with each practitioner working one-on-one with a recipient. All are welcome!

Recipient spaces are limited to the amount of volunteer practitioners that commit their time and skill every month.

To register for a spot, go to this website and follow the links:

In addition to hosting the Healing Circle, our congregation has also provided prayer shawls for recipients to use during their session and take home with them if they desire.