Healing Touch Circle

Held in the Community Room.

(Appointment needed)

Healing Touch is a form of complementary medicine that supports the body’s natural healing processes. Christianity has a long tradition of laying on of hands for healing; similar practices have spanned many other cultures and religions all over the world.

For some time, our church has been hosting a monthly Healing Circle. A group of women and men in the Mount Vernon, Lisbon and surrounding areas trained in Healing Touch or Energy Work gather together to volunteer our time to extend a time of prayer and energy work to our local community.

Healing Touch can be beneficial for illness, chronic pain, depression or simply to receive a “boost.” People wanting to receive a Healing Touch treatment are invited to register for a 30 minute session that involves a laying on of hands and a 15 minute prayer or meditation including an offering of gratitude and petition. This 30 minute energy treatment and 15 minute prayer time takes place in a group setting with each practitioner working one-on-one with a recipient. All are welcome!

Recipient spaces are limited to the amount of volunteer practitioners that commit their time and skill every month.

To register for a spot, go to this website and follow the links: http://mtvchc.wix.com/mount-vernon-chc

In addition to hosting the Healing Circle, our congregation has also provided prayer shawls for recipients to use during their session and take home with them if they desire.

Photo by Artotem