Adult Forum – 11:00 AM Sunday, except in Summer
Programs, often with an outside speaker, help our congregation understand God, our faith, our Scriptures, and our ability to care for our planet and fellow human beings. Topics include current events and controversies.

Confirmation class is taught every other year by our Pastor.

PreSchool Age Youth – 11:00 AM Sunday

Elementary Age Youth – 11:00 AM Sunday
In a rotational teaching format, the same Bible story on a theme is taught for a five week session. Each week the children are engaged in a different workshop or station, i.e., story, drama, art, cooking.

Middle School Youth – 11:00 AM Sunday or another time as scheduled.
They meet for a variety of activities and discussions. The curriculum is usually lectionary-based to help participants connect worship, learning, and service.

Sr. High Youth – meet mid-week or often on the weekends
This allows them to take advantage of cutting-edge performances of drama, dance, lectures, and topical events. They take a mission trip every other year. They have helped in a border mission in Mexico. One year they aided Katrina victims.

Teacher Enrichment
Pastor meets to discuss the Bible stories we are about to teach and give examples of different ways to teach them to the youth.

Vacation Bible School – each Summer
We cooperate with the Methodists and Lutherans in our community and have a stimulating program for our elementary students.